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    Process-reliable direct fastening into: 
    - ultra-high strength steels 
    - cast iron 

    Completely insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement - even with galvanic coatings 
    Removable joint 


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With the one-time registration we provide in this area CAD data in various formats as well as PDFs of the technical drawings of our products DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® and ALtracs® Plus. 
Additionally, CAD & more offers you the possibility to design your individual joints with the aid of prognosis programs or to check their feasibility by APPLICATION CHECKs. Furthermore, you can download the latest product brochures, technical publications and the EJOT company standards.

CAD & more

Thread forming solution for (ultra) high strength materials

EJOT MAXXtip® combines a carbo-austempered shank with an ultra hard screw tip. This unique combination allows completely new options for direct fastening into (ultra) high strength materials.

Due to the carbo-austempered microstructure (strength similar to 10.9) in the load-bearing area MAXXtip® screws are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, galvanic surfaces can be applied without tempering leading to a thread flank hardness of at least 750 HV* in the forming area. 

*In case of Zn flake surfaces, baking leads to a reduced thread flank hardness in the forming area of at least 600 HV. 

Main application fields of EJOT MAXXtip®

(ultra) high strength steel sheets (at least UTS of 1200 MPa) using the thread types 
- SHEETtracs® up to 2 mm 
- Spiralform® analogous to DIN 7500 
cast iron (GJS und GJL) using the Spiralform® thread type