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Dear partners of the EJOT Group,

The autumn edition of our magazine MOMENT deals with the topic that has all of us firmlyunder control this year: COVID-19 and its consequences for our company. The spring issue came out in April, at the height of the first wave when this virus hit us all. In Europe, cars no longer rolled off the assembly line and an entire industry came to a standstill. Now, in autumn, Europe is facing the second wave and we worry about the consequences this will have for all of us.

First of all, I am grateful that our group of companies has managed to deal with this crisis so far. Similar to the situation in 2008/09, we are now experiencing how important it is to stand on two pillars: the automotive industry stood still, but work in the construction industry continued in many countries, especially in Germany. That gave us stability when no screw was needed in the automotive industry.

The solidarity and loyalty within our group also helped a lot. We all tightened our belts during this time. Everyone understood the severity of the situation. We have used the last few years of a good economy and our cautious spending policy, to strengthen our equity. That was also an important pillar for this year. The German saying ”Spare in der Zeit, dann hast Du’s in der Not“ (save for a rainy day during the good times) – has proven true again.

At the same time – despite short-time work and savings programs – we tried to improve further. We have invested in new processes, we have tackled new business areas, such as the profiles in the ETICS Fasteners area, which are presented in this issue, and we have not neglected our international business either. A special focus was on reaching you, our customers and partners, with digital means during times when the classic on-site visit was not possible. For us, and probably for many of you as well, this was an acceleration program for digital transformation.

I hope that we will get through the next weeks and months together well and healthy and that the spring issue of our magazine can report with euphoria about a global vaccination.

Do you have any suggestions? Criticism or feedback? We are looking forward to it.Please talk to our employees or write to us (moment@ejot.com).

Yours sincerely,

Christian F. Kocherscheidt
Managing Director

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