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  2. Sustainability
  3. Our objectives and projects

Objectives and projects

Programmes until 2021

At several sites we have already been able to change the lighting systems from conventional systems to LED. Compressed air systems provide a high potential for energy savings. That is why we initiated several projects to save energy and slash CO2 as a result. Energy efficiency analyses are conducted by professional services to identify the greatest energy consumers and measures are then taken accordingly. HVAC systems are gradually being upgraded to the state of the art. Energy resources can be spared thanks to bell mouthing of heat recovery units in HVAC systems. Block heating stations were already put into operation at two large sites. Natural gas has a substantially lower emission factor than electric current. The energy gained is used in our heating system and for operating our large wash systems. At several sites, like in Ciasna, Poland, for example, the new building was equipped with a control and communication system and an energy measurement system. Other plant-specific projects are planned
Our sites are checked at regular intervals according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. In addition to a continuous improvement of the system, the focus of these measures is also on increasing our employees' environmental awareness. 

In 2013 we implemented an energy management plan according to ISO 50001. We were able to save valuable resources thanks to a considerable number of investments in energy saving projects at our German and international sites.

Our strategic objectives

  1. Reduction of emission intensity: 
    By optimising our internal processes, we improve the emission intensity in our production plants. Monitoring is carried out based on the standards that recommend us international guidelines.We monitor CO2 emissions from electricity for the amount produced or for the granulate used. We compile the key emission figure for every production site certified according to ISO 14001. This way it is also possible to compare similar sites with one another.
  2. Reduction of arising scrap
    Through failure analyses in our production processes and continuous documentation of the specific arising scrap for the amount of scrap produced we spare natural resources and as a result lower both CO2 and costs.